Who is this escape game for?

Maze of Tales is an escape game for everyone who is willing to have fun with challenging riddles and enjoy a nice storyline. Come along with friends, family or colleagues!


Do I need any special skill for the game?

Any team willing to play, solve riddles and have fun at the same time can enjoy this game. It requires no special skills.

What are the language requirements?

The whole game is set in the English language.


How long does a game last?

The running time is 60 min and of course, you should escape as fast as you can before this time limit! Current breaking record is 43 min, can you beat it?

What size of groups per game do you recommend?

can I play alone?

The minimum group size is 3 players and the maximum recommended is 6 players per game. We accepted groups of more than 6 players but the fun and riddle-solving is optimized with the suggested team size. 

The setting of the game doesn't allow you to play alone yet but we will organize random teams depending on the requests we get. Send us a mail at info@amazeoftales.com and we will keep you updated when a team is created.


Is there a specific age limit for team members?

Ideally, the group age should be above 16. In case younger members want to join in, they should be accompanied by at least one older team player.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept cash payments in LPB and USD.

Any cancellation policy?

Please advise us as soon as you can via mail or phone and book another spot whenever you can to not miss this chance to have fun.

Do you have game vouchers?

You can purchase game vouchers at our location in Gemmayzeh, or we can deliver it to your desired location. Please call us or mail us beforehand.​

If you have any question,

please feel free to contact us!